Electrical installations involving power, lighting, communications, controls, instrumentation, and systems throughout most all facilities including terminals, concourses, hangars, cargo buildings, maintenance buildings, reservations, and executive offices.

A large part of our focus pertains to the electrical installations associated with the many extensive, complex, and technologically advanced systems which include, but are not limited to the baggage handling systems, material handling systems, preconditioned air systems, 400 HZ ground power systems, jetbridges, communications, fueling systems, glycol systems, cathodic protection systems, security systems, gate-entry systems, positive bag ID systems, guide-in light systems, gate park systems, etc.

Complete electrical installations of technologically advanced, state-of-the-art, complex cabling systems. This could involve base building power, control/instrumentation panels, communication racks, voice, data, fiber optic cabling, terminating, and testing.

Hartmann Technology Group, a Division of Hartmann Electric Company was established in order to remain on the leading edge of the constantly emerging technology in data and telecommunications. The Company's high tech electrical, data, fiber, and telecommunications integration capability position it to be the continuing full service solution for its customers.

Headed by an experienced professional with over 32 years of low voltage experience, this group's capabilities include, but are not limited to voice/data, fiber optics, fire alarm systems, security systems, camera/access control systems, temperature control, paging, background music, audio/visual teleconferencing, laser, broadcasting, virtual reality, point of sales systems, and animation/animatronics and game controls.

Hartmann Electric Company can provide the complete electrical installation for any type of new construction project, whether it be industrial, commercial, transportation, manufacturing, utility, or institutional.

As the total, on call solution for its clients, Hartmann Electric can offer a comprehensive service line, with the ability to install and integrate systems from high to low voltage, general building power and lighting, communication systems, together with all of the various systems as mentioned under the sections describing technology and systems.

Because of Hartmann Electric Company's commitment to quality, consistent, and on-time performance, many of our repeat customers have entered into an annual maintenance agreement with us. Under these agreements, and based on the customer, our responsibilities and scope of work varies. It may include daily work as directed, regularly scheduled maintenance (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually), and/or on call emergency work.

Hartmann Electric Company frequently gets involved early in project development, typically providing system configurations and design information. We add value by recommending a technical solution that can be implemented on time, the first time. Our design and build services provide flexibility which results in rapid decision making and on-time completion, which in turn saves money and time.

Hartmann Electric Company has completed electrical installations on a wide variety of remodeling projects ranging from simple to highly complex. They may involve totally gutting out a building or space, involving disconnect, removal, and then the subsequent installation of all new power and lighting, etc. Or it may involve complex sequencing of work, working around existing operations, or working after hours, in order to complete the project on time, and with the least interference or disruption to the daily operation.

Complete electrical installation of systems, including the integration of main power panels, control panels, computers, programmable controllers, devices, and instrumentation, together with all associated power, control and communication cabling. We perform these projects as prime contractor or subcontractor.

A partial listing of the systems Hartmann Electric Company has successfully installed includes baggage handling systems, material handling conveyor systems, security systems, fire alarm systems, temperature control systems, building automation systems, communication systems, uninterruptable power systems, power quality systems, complete/communication room power and control systems, generator systems, lightning protection systems, fuel/glycol distribution systems, and many specialized airline industry systems.